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Key benefits

Eliminate up to 90% of manual steps, to improve each user’s throughput, preparedness and responsiveness to security and safety incidentsOmnipresence 3D is a 3D security management software for security-critical organizations, e.g. airports, cities, defense. It helps eliminate costly security and operational mistakes, increase performance and respond to security incidents better and faster.

O3D is an open platform that can seamlessly integrate an organization’s VMS with other brands of security equipment, e.g. other video cameras and recorders, access control, video analytics, biometrics, Geographic Information Systems, GPS, gunshot detection, etc. It can also integrate vertical-specific information systems such as human resource databases, a port’s terminal management system or an airport’s gate reservation system.

O3D does not simply alert users of alarms and other abnormal situations, but also enable an organization to better understand complex and threatening situations, to prevent and predict complex threats, to manage incidents more predictably and to reduce labor costs through smart automation of routine, error-prone commands. One of the ways

O3D increases an organization’s performance is through Immersive 3D, a set of patented technology that eliminates manual steps to achieve new levels of productivity. O3D’s advanced 3D maps enable operators to see, understand and control situations far better and faster. For instance, with 3D video fusion, operators can virtually fly over an area, automatically call up the cameras with optimal viewpoints and view their videos superimposed on the 3D map. 

About Milestone Systems

Milestone Systems is the world’s leading provider of open platform IP video surveillance software. For more than a decade, Milestone has led the way in providing easy-to-use, powerful video management software (VMS) in more than 100,000 installations worldwide.



Integrated within Omnipresence 3D

  • Display live and archived video captured by Milestone XProtect, projected realistically over the 3D maps
  • Display motion clips within Omnipresence 3D’s unified timeline and instantly replay/synchronize to the desired moment
    • Replay at arbitrary forward and backward speed
    • Synchronized playback of GPS and other tracking information
  • Basic (relative and preset) PTZ control, and advanced 3D PTZ
  • Easily import and synchronize the list of cameras in Omnipresence 3D
  • Omnipresence 3D’s advanced Federation is compatible with Milestone’s Federation
  • Milestone alarms (e.g. from video analytics) can be correlated with Omnipresence 3D’s, to manage associated procedures, incident reports, etc.

Compatible with Milestone XProtect Corporate 5.0a to 7.0