Omnipresence 3D

Omnipresence 3D (O3D) is an advanced Security Management Software solution.

It eliminates many inefficiencies faced by large security organizations, such as excessive reliance on memorization, concentration and judgement calls based on incomplete information; labor-intensive manual reporting and manual compliance oversight.

You can adapt it to your organization’s threats, procedures and regulations, so you can manage everyday tasks and rare incidents more easily, better and faster.


Ten-fold efficiency improvement

Omnipresence 3D can improve ten-fold your situational awareness and your ability to manage complex incidents by eliminating up to 90% of the mouse clicks and manual steps experienced in competing solutions. This is achieved through dozens of time-saving features including an Immersive 3D technology protected by 3 patents filed in 46 countries.

Wide compatibility, seamless integration

O3D seamlessly integrates most brands of 3rd party security hardware and software. It can unify multiple access control and video recording systems across a single organization. No need to rip-and-replace equipment. Cities can unify disparate equipment across public and private entities. Corporations going through merger and acquisition (M&A) can quickly enforce company-wide standards across a wide range of legacy equipment. No more vendor lock-in, so you can more easily replace underperforming equipment with no disruption to operations.

3D and 2D maps

Configure realistic 3D and 2D indoor and outdoor maps of your buildings and areas of interest. The maps display your alarms, incidents and devices, including critical details like each camera’s accurate field of view. You can review real-time and historical information, to understand the movement of suspects and resources such as vehicles, personnel and visitors. O3D seamlessly integrates many location-based technologies such as access control, license plate recognition (LPR), GPS, RFID, RADAR and sonar.

O3D supports 2D GIS (Geographic Information Systems) including ESRI ArcGIS, OpenStreetMaps, Google Maps and Microsoft Bing Maps. Fortem and its partners can create realistic 3D maps of your organization and update them as needed, or train your team to maintain them yourself.



Immersive 3D

Immersive 3D goes much beyond standard 3D map. For instance:

  • When selecting an alarm or tracking a suspect in the map, automatically identify and stream video cameras that have an optimal field of view of the alarm or suspect
  • 3D video fusion – super-impose on the 3D map the live or archived video from multiple cameras, in their accurate field of view.
  • Automatically and continuously redirect pan-tilt-zoom camera(s), e.g. to track a suspicious vehicle or person

Scalable and proven

O3D suits the needs of medium to very large security-critical organizations. Following are a sample of customers:

  • College – 12 buildings, 400 cameras, 400 doors with access control, intrusion detection, license plate recognition.
  • Smart City – 4 departments with 4 different brands of video recorder and cameras, hundreds of cameras, video analytics, segregation of information according to departments.
  • Airport – Nearly one thousand cameras, access control with hundreds of doors, fire detection, 99.9% availability


  • Safe City – Nearly one thousand cameras, access control with 35,000 employees, integration with ESRI GIS
  • Defense – nation-wide integration of dozens of military bases that can operate independently or re-inforce each other (Advanced Federation), around a thousand buildings, thousands of cameras, resource management and real-time tracking of 1 million personnel, visitors and their vehicles, access control, GPS, video analytics, 100 servers, system health monitoring of thousands of IT and security devices.

Situational Awareness and Control Over Remote Sites

O3D provides you with the situational awareness you need to make the right decisions and carry out the complex incidents to a successful outcome. You can leverage up to thousands of cameras across any number of video recorders and sites, for instance:

  • To track suspects remotely in real-time even in unfamiliar sites
  • Virtually re-inforce one site from another, e.g. in case of evacuation or operator overload due security incident
  • Remotely investigate inside and outside threats, under-compliance or under-performance from central or regional headquarters

Adapts to your procedures, regulations and security threats

O3D provides simple tools to configure, without programming or scripting:

  • Dashboards optimized for each user’s responsibilities
  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs), including complex workflows to coordinate users and ensure compliance to regulations, and versioning of procedures to support continuous performance improvement
  • Incident reports that minimize effort and manual data entry
  • Permissions, e.g. to provide access to confidential information on a need-to-know basis
  • Alarm generation rules



Robust and IT-friendly

Your IT department will be reassured by extensive support of IT best practices and industry standards such as Microsoft Active Directory (Single sign-on, role-based permissions, authentication and hardening based on GPOs), Failover Clustering, Virtualization, Encryption across network and disks, Audit trails, Optimized bandwidth usage, Support for major SQL databases, SNMP, ETL, Windows Software Update Services, etc. Properly configured, it can eliminate single-points-of-failure to ensure high-availability.



Fast processing

The O3D application runs smoothly and handles massive amount of information, even in constrained bandwidth, on commodity-off-the-shelf hardware. For instance, O3D leverages the same protocols used in Google and Twitter’s data centers, 20 times more compact and 100 times more efficient to process than the XML format used by competitors.

PSIM / COP / SCADA / PIAM / C4ISR / Incident Management Software?

Too many acronyms come-and-go over the years. That’s why we simply call Omnipresence 3D a “Security Management Software”… even though some of our customers are using it to do a whole lot more than that. O3D now encompasses many product categories:

PSIM (P sim)— Physical Information Management System

A software solution focused on integrating security equipment, alarms and procedures.

Many industry analysts argue that PSIM hasn’t met its full market potential largely because the cost and complexity of these solutions can rarely be justified by sufficiently strong benefits, i.e. poor ROI.

Omnipresence 3D outcompetes PSIMs by delivering all major PSIM features, in a much easier, faster and more flexible solution. These improvements make it possible for operators to become 10 times more efficient when managing complex alarms and incidents, and for other departments to leverage security equipment to improve the organization’s operations, customer satisfaction and bottom line.


COP — Common Operational Picture

Term used primarily in defense and public safety. Mainly covers 2D mapping and tracking moving resources.

O3D’s encompasses COP capabilities and much much more.