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Channel Partners - Fortem

Are you interested in Omnipresence 3D for your own facility?

Please contact us. We’ll be delighted to answer your questions and to recommend a trustworthy partner who can help you purchase and optimize Omnipresence 3D for your organization.

Become a Fortem Partner

Fortem sells exclusively through partners (integrators) who:

  • Provide outstanding service and take a long-term view in developing mutually-beneficial relationship with customers
  • Demonstrate a strong track record on complex projects: large cities and enterprises, airports, ports, defense and universities

Fortem partners benefit from:

  • A truly unique product, that captivate customers’ excitement and budget, to generate larger sales and help sell complementary products and services over the years to come
  • Priority access to pre-screened leads
  • A certification process including sales and technical training
  • Customized sales and marketing collateral, e.g. brochures, joint webinars, RFP proposal assistance, proven sales strategy and tactics, detailed analysis of competing solutions, Fortem product documentation, A&E specification, standard price sheet, etc.

Contact us today to get the resources and support you need to differentiate and grow your business in a competitive global marketplace.

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